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The Directorate General of Public Relations, Punjab
The Directorate General of Public Relations, Punjab is the main publicity arm of the Government. It essentially deals with dissemination of Information and Public Relations. It mainly focuses on projection of governmental policies and activities through print, electronic and social media along with maintenance of close inter personal liaison with media.
  • Lahore Arts Council
  • Punjab Council of the Arts
  • Punjab Institute of Language, Art & Culture
  • Lahore Museum
  • Bahawalpur Museum
  • Punjab Journalists Housing Foundation
  • Bab-e-Pakistan Foundation
Punjab Information Commission
Punjab Information Commission was established to enforce "RTI" that enables citizens to hold public officials to account for their actions, demand for rights and better services, take a stand against corrupt practices.
Punjab Film Censor Board
The Central Board of Film Censors has been devolved by virtue of 18th Amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan and branch office at Lahore was transferred to the Information & Culture Department, Government of the Punjab.
  • Bazm-e-Iqbal
  • Board for Advancement & Literature
  • Institute of Islamic Culture
  • Punjab-Jiangsu Cultural Complex
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