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The Directorate General of Public Relations, Punjab

The Directorate General of Public Relations, Punjab is the main publicity arm of the Government. It essentially deals with dissemination of Information and Public Relations. It mainly focuses on projection of governmental policies and activities through print, electronic and social media along with maintenance of close inter personal liaison with media.

The first official agency for disseminating information was the information Bureau, which was formed in February, 1925.  The late Nawab Muzzafar khan was its Director. In 1938, Syed Nur Ahmad was appointed as Director. When World War II broke-out, a War Publicity Department was created in 1939 under the charge of a British I.C.S. Officer.  The Director of the Information Bureau maintained liaison with the press to feed them with official news. In 1945-46, the Information Bureau and the National Home Front were amalgamated with each other and a new department, designated as Directorate of Public Reactions came into being. Its Director General was Mr. Pervaiz Ismail, a senior I.C.S. Officer. The Unionist Ministry in the Punjab at that time wanted to check-mate the Muslim League Movement.

The Ministry, however, dubbed it as “communalism”. They decided to utilize the Information Bureau for counteracting and checking its ever growing popularity. In August, 1947 when Pakistan came into being Syed Nur Ahmed was recalled to reorganize the Directorate. It functions as a two way clearing house of information between the government and the people. This Department firstly established as Directorate in early 1940 and up-grades as Directorate General of Public Relations, Punjab in 1984.