Completed Projects

Murree Arts Council

The auditorium of Murree Arts Council was collapsed on 09th February, 2005 in the wake of heavy snow fall. Resultantly, activities of Murree Arts Council such as theatrical performances, literary, educative, informative and entertainment activities were abandoned. For restoration, a multipurpose auditorium namely Cine Kohsar has been re-constructed at Murree Arts Council with latest digital equipment.

Al-Hamra, Mall Complex

This project was introduced to upgrade the existing facilities of all the 03 auditoriums of Lahore Arts Council (Al-Hamrah), the Mall with the intentions to provide with better and improved environment to the audience. This is an excellent cultural complex in which high level national and international festivals and programs are organized, regularly. In addition, commercial theaters and school / college level programs are also staged in these auditoriums.