Key function of the Information & Culture Department are illustrated as below:

  • Policy Matters relating to Publicity and Public Relations
  • Administration of Press Laws relating to Printing Press, Newspapers, Books, Magazines, etc.
  • Regulate / Release of Official and Semi-Official Advertisements through Print & Electronic Media
  • Promotion of Art, Culture and Literature
  • Provision of Grant-in-Aid to Cultural and Literary Bodies
  • Financial assistance to the deserving Journalists, Artists, Poets and Writers
  • Enforcement of Motion Pictures Ordinance, 1979 and relevant Rules
  • Coordination with the Federal Government on all matters relating to Press, Publicity and Protocol
  • Publicity of the Government and Public Relations including liaison with News Agencies, Print and Electronic Media
  • Development Schemes pertaining to the establishment of infrastructures promoting Art and Culture
  • Establishment and Management of Museums
  • Service Matters except those entrusted to Services & General Administration Department