The Information & Culture Department is inextricably linked up with the activities and plans of other Government Departments and Offices. This department mirrors the government activities that have direct impact over the public, therefore, it provides accumulative impression about the government policies. The Department carries out wide range of activities to promote cultural heritage of the Punjab.


Communication and dissemination of plans, policies and activities of the government, improvement in the plans/policies through feedback exercises and to counter negative propaganda and disinformation. Provision of healthy and meaningful recreation and entertainment, patronization of language, art and culture.

Goals & Objectives

The department has set some goals to meet mentioned as below:

  • Regular publicity and projection of Government policies through Print, Electronic and Social Media
  • Special advertisement campaigns for public awareness
  • Formulation of Provincial Media Policy
  • Amendments and Updating the Rules and Regulations relating to  the Print, Electronic Media and Cinematography
  • Preparation of Media Management Policy during crisis / emergency situations
  • Provision of healthy entertainment to the masses
  • Encouragement of Public Participative Cultural Activities
  • Inter provincial exchange of cultural troupe
  • Co-ordination, Evaluation and Supervision of the activities of the Arts Councils and other Artistic, Cultural and Literary Organizations
  • Adoption of measures for improving knowledge, understanding and practice of the Arts
  • Encouraging Art Academies, Folk Museums, Exhibition Halls, Art Galleries and Auditoriums
  • Organize Cultural Exhibitions, Cultural Fairs and Festivals
  • Amendments and Updating the Rules and Regulations relating to the Cultural Organizations