What We Do

Primarily, Information & Culture Department is rendering following services

Awareness Campaigns

The Information & Culture Department is responsible for dissemination of information / messages and to create awareness for general masses about the development initiatives taken by the Punjab Government in social and public sectors through media campaigns including print, electronic, social, cable TV and radio mediums. These campaigns are released under the Punjab Government (Revised) Advertisement Policy, 2012. The policy stipulates that all the government advertisements, classified, display and commercials will be routed through the Information and Culture Department / DGPR, Punjab. For this purpose, Information & Culture Department selects / prequalifies different media houses / advertising agencies. Different government departments are assigned to these media agencies for developing their media campaigns. Accordingly, the advertising agencies develop creative contents in the form of print advertisements and TVCs to be printed and released by newspapers and TV channels, respectively.

Censorship of Films

The Central Board of Film Censors was devolved by virtue of 18th Amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan and its branch office at Lahore was transferred to the Information & Culture Department, Government of the Punjab. Subsequent to fulfilling all legal formalities and procedures, Punjab Film Censor Board is now functional and working under the Administrative Control of Information & Culture Department. The Board issues censor certificate for exhibiting a foreign / local film throughout the Punjab.

Welfare of the Journalist Community

In pursuant to the policy of the Government of Punjab, Information & Culture Department has taken following initiatives for the welfare of media personnel:

  • Establishment of housing schemes on a no profit no loss basis. As yet three housing schemes have been introduced at Lahore, Rawalpindi & Multan
  • Financial assistance to the deserving media personnel through Journalist Support Fund
  • Hosting of national / international delegations of the journalists
  • Provision of Supplementary Grants to media bodies / press clubs of Punjab for construction of their buildings / offices and purchase of furniture and fixture, etc.

Promotion of Cultural, Recreational & Literary Activities

The Culture Wing of Information & Culture Department is performing following activities aiming at promotion of art & culture in Punjab:

  • Exhibition of cultural activities in the state of the art auditoriums at divisional levels
  • Provision of monthly stipend to the artists / artisans in Punjab under the Artist Support Fund
  • Holding of stage plays, photographic & painting exhibitions and seminars
  • Airing of programs, talk shows, plays & songs in punjabi language by FM-95 "Punjab Rung", 1st Punjabi FM Radio
  • Issuance of monthly punjabi magazine "Tranjan"
  • Participation in the foreign cultural shows
  • Provision of annual grants to cultural & literary bodies working in Punjab for the promotion of art & culture
  • Training courses by the Al-Hamrah Academy of performing arts
  • Provision of one time financial assistance to literary personnel like Poets, Writers, Scholars, Researchers through Punjab Writers Welfare Fund